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Give the Gift of Yum With a Gift Certificate for One of These Delicious Raleigh Restaurants


Finding the right gift for everyone on your list can be difficult, but if there’s one thing everyone enjoys it’s food. Check out Latitude on Hillsborough’s guide to some of the best restaurants in Raleigh, and give gift cards that the recipients can use whenever they’re ready.

What’s a Good Choice for Vegetarians?

Irregardless Cafe, on West Morgan Street in Hillsborough, has got something for everyone. Not strictly a vegetarian restaurant, they offer hamburgers, steaks, chicken, and seafood dishes, but also cook up delicious vegetarian alternatives to traditionally meaty dishes. Examples include calamari with oyster mushroom rings instead of squid, a beef-free maitake mushroom burger, and maple and sesame-glazed crispy tofu. Even meat-eaters can get behind these options.

What Should I Give to the Foodie?

Recently reopened with all new management, Brewery Bhavana is an ultra-chic downtown Raleigh dim sum restaurant and brewery, located on South Blount Street, that occupies a bright, high-ceilinged space. Named one of Forbes’ 10 coolest places to eat in 2018, it has 10 beers on tap and also contains its own bookstore. The gift that keeps on giving!

What About Someone In Search of Raleigh’s Best Mexican Food?

Offering a fun, hip vibe, Jose and Sons, in Central Raleigh on West Davie Street, is just the place to enjoy a delicious blend of Mexican and Southern flavors. Steer your friend toward instant classics like Mac & Queso, the Oink Oink Burrito stuffed with both carnitas and chorizo, and Jibarito Plantainwich, two slices of crispy fried plantain stuffed with sliced steak, mayo, lettuce, tomato, chimichurri, queso fresco, and rice and beans. And don’t forget to mention the margaritas!

What Do I Give That Someone Who Likes Things Simple?

Not everyone wants a big production everytime they go out to eat. Some people are happier with a no-frills lunch that’s just plain delicious. That’s where The Roast Grill comes in. This downtown Raleigh favorite, on the corner of South West Street and Hillsborough, has been serving up delicious, slightly charred dogs since 1940. And there’s no going wrong with a simple hot dog – so simple, in fact, that they don’t even offer ketchup. Available toppings are limited to mustard, onions, slaw, and homemade chili.

Happy Holidays – From Us to You!

For more can’t-miss restaurants in Raleigh and other places worth a visit, check out the Latitude on Hillsborough Neighborhood page.


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